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Annette Sings Jazz

About Annette Sings Jazz

Annette is a jazz singer who is blessed with incredible vocal tones that are rich, smooth and full of soul.

Per Hour: £75.00


‘Wonderful Vocals (Feb 2016-Crescent Theatre) You swing, love your phasing (Palace Theatre 2016) loved your sound (Nailsworth Gloucester 2016)Annette found her true voice after hearing Ella Fitzgerald, Annette was not just inspired by Ella sound but by the sound of jazz. Since then Annette has recorded her first EP Living the Dream, in 2014 and is currently touring with her Ella show across the UK. In 2015, Annette set out to develop a show to pay homage to Ella Fitzgerald and celebrate the life and the songs of the great jazz singer. Annette’s concept of the show simply being “to share my love of Ella Fitzgerald”

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